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      1. 2019年高考英語語法練習:冠詞

        高考考試網 鯉魚小編 更新時間:2019-05-20


              1、 We can’t live without air.

          A.an B.× C.the D.some

          2、——Have you seen pen? I left it here this morning.

          ——Is it black one? I think I saw it somewhere.

          A.a; the B.the; the C.the; a D.a; a

          3、I’ve been waiting for him for hour and half.

          A.×; × B.the; a C.a; the D.an; a

          4、What fine weather we have today!

          A.a B.× C.some D.an

          5、Have you ever seen as tall as this one?

          A.a tree B.such tree C.an tree D.tree

          6、Children usually go to school at age of six.

          A.×; the B.a; an C.the; × D.the; the

          7、 Himalayas is highest mountain in world.

          A.×; the;× B.The; the; the C.A; a; a D.×;×;×

          8、They each have __book. Li Hua’s is about writer. Wang Lin’s is on science.

          A.a; a; × B.the; ×; the C.×; the; × D.a; the; a

          9、 Physics is science of matter and energy.

          A.The; × B.×; × C.×; the D.A; a

          10、 sun rises in east and sets in west.

          A.A; an; a B.The;×;× C.The; the; the D.A; the; a

          11、Many people agree that__knowledge of English is a must in international trade today.

          A.a;× B.the; an C.the; the D.×; the

          12、 __Mr Jones called while you were out (neither of us knows this man). He was in bad

          temper. A.×;a B.A;× C.The; the D.A; a

          13、They were at dinner then. It was delicous one.

          A.a; the B.×;× C.×;a D.a; a

          14、what kind of car do you want to buy?

          A.× B.the C.a D.an

          15、Alice is fond of playing piano while Henry is interested in listening to music.

          A.×; the B.×;× C.the; × D.the; the

          16、Beyond stars, the astronaut saw nothing but space.

          A.the; × B.×; the C.×;× D.the; the

          17、Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone in 1876.

          A.× B.a C.the D.one

          18、——Where’s Jack?

          ——I think he’s still in bed, but he might just be in bathroom.

          A.×;× B.the; the C.the; × D.×; the

          19、Many people are still in habit of writing silly things in public places.

          A.the; the B.×;× C.the; × D.×; the

          20、——I’d like information about the management of your hotel, please.

          ——Well, you could have word with the manager. He might be helpful.

          A.some; a B.an; some C.some; some D.an; a


          1、B air是不可數名詞。

          2、D 此題為97年高考題。根據句意,第一空是泛指,第一次出現;第二空仍是泛指,且表數量“-”。

          3、D 元音前用an。

          4、B weather是不可數名詞。

          5、A 此題為85年高考題。泛指。

          6、A go to school是固定短語。

          7、B 山脈、形容詞最高級及世界上的唯一的名詞前加定冠詞。

          8、A 第一、二空泛指,第三空,science是不可數名詞。

          9、C 第一空,科目前不加冠詞;第二空特指,有定語。


          11、A 第一空,a + 不可數名詞表具體的介紹;第二空,trade不可數。

          12、D 第一空是指有一位瓊斯先生在您不在的時候來訪。(括號里說明,我們倆都不認識這個人,因此不是特指。)第二空是固定短語,情緒不好。

          13、C 第一空at dinner正在吃飯,固定短語。

          14、A 泛指

          15、C 此題是89年高考題:樂器前加定冠詞;music是不可數名詞。

          16、A 此題是90年高考題:stars前應加定冠詞;space不可數。

          17、C 此題是91年高考題:發明應是特指。

          18、D 此題是92年高考題。in bed是固定短語,不加冠詞。

          19、C 此題是93年高考題。第一空后有定語,固是特指。第二空, public places,公共場所,泛指。

          20、A 此題是95年高考題。information是不可數名詞;have a word with sb.是固定短語。