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      1. 2019年高考英語語法練習:倒裝句

        高考考試網 鯉魚小編 更新時間:2019-05-20


              1、 that we all went out, lying in the sun.

          A.The weather so fine was B.So fine was the weather

          C.So the weather was fine D.So was fine weather

          2、Under his arm a pair of shoes which he had bought from the shop a few days before.

          A.is B.are C.was D.were

          3、 who had arrested him three times for carrying drugs.

          A.Before George stood the policeman

          B.Before George the policeman stood

          C.Before the policeman stood George

          D.Before George did the policeman

          4、Then we had been looking forward to .

          A.came the hour B.the hour came

          C.comes the hour D.the hour is coming

          5、Only when he started to explain the reason for this.

          A.she realized B.did she realize

          C.she had realized D.had she realized

          6、 succeed in doing anything.

          A.Only by working hard we can

          B.By only working hard we can

          C.Only by working hard can we

          D.Only we can by working hard

          7、Not for a moment the truth of your story.

          A.he has doubted B.he doubts

          C.did he doubt D.he did doubt

          8、Nowhere else in the world cheaper tailoring than in Hong Kong.

          A.a tourist can find B.can a tourist find

          C.a tourist will find D.a tourist has found

          9、Hardly when the bus suddenly pulled away.

          A.they had got to the bus-stop B.they got to the bus-stop

          C.did they get to the bus-stop D.had they got to the bus -stop

          10、Mary doesn’t speak French, and does Joan.

          A.not B.neither C.either D.so

          11、—Do you know Jim quarrelled with his brother? —I don’t know, .

          A.nor don’t I care B.nor do I care

          C.I don’t care neither D.I don’t care also

          12、Not until the early years of the 19th century what heat is.

          A.man did know B.man knew

          C.didn’t man know D.did man know

          13、After that we never saw her again nor from her.

          A.did we hear B.we heard

          C.had we heard D.we have heard

          14、John won the first prize in the contest. .

          A.So he did. B.So did he.

          C.So he did, too. D.So did he, too.

          15、 ,he doesn’t study well.

          A.As he is clever B.He is as clever

          C.Clever as he is D.As clever he is

          16、You can never use my tape recorder. time should you touch that machine.

          A.At no B.At any C.Any D.No

          17、Scarcely the room the phone rang.

          A.I had entered…when B.Had I entered…then

          C.had I entered…when D.have I entered…when

          18、Only save his life.

          A.can the doctor B.the doctor can

          C.will the doctor D.could the doctor

          19、Hardly anybody the boy , because he is rude.

          A.does like B.likes C.do like D.like

          20、So well that the teacher praised her.

          A.she had done her homework

          B.her homework had been done

          C.did she do her homework

          D.she did her homework

          21、Only when to know him will you get along with him.

          A.do you come B.will you come

          C.you come D.you will come

          22、Out , gun in hand.

          A.did he rush B.rushed he

          C.he rushed D.had he rushed

          23、He had promised me to come to the party ,and .

          A.so did he B.so he did C.so he would D.so would he

          24、Into the sky the light blue smoke.

          A.went up B.up went C.did go up D.had gone up

          25、Little about his own life at the meeting.

          A.did he talk B.he talked

          C.he was talking D.had he talked

          26、Under no circumstances first use nuclear weapons.

          A.will China B.China will C.does China D.do China

          27、 taken that examination, she could have passed it .

          A.Were she B.Had she be able to

          C.If she would have D.Had she

          28、 tomorrow , we would put off the match till next Monday.

          A.Should it rained B.Were it to rain

          C.If it would rain D.Had it rained

          29、Look, here .

          A.Mr. Brown comes B.does Mr. Brown come

          C.comes Mr. Brown D.Mr. Brown has come

          30、Often us good advice.

          A.did she give B.she did give

          C.she gave D.she has given

          31、Not until I began to work how much time I had wasted.

          A.didn’t I realize B.did I realize

          C.I didn’t realize D.I realize

          32、Little about his own safety , though he was in great danger himself.

          A.does he care B.did he care

          C.he cares D.he cared

          33、 began our new lesson.

          A.But B.Thus C.Such D.So that

          34、By no means look down upon the poor.

          A.we should B.we should not

          C.do we D.should we

          35、Only when 30 years old to learn English.

          A.was he , did he begin B.he was , he began

          C.was he , he began D.he was ,did he begin

          36、Not once their plan.

          A.did they change B.they changed

          C.changed they D.they did changed

          37、“It’s very hot today.”“ .”

          A.So it is B.So is it C.So does it D.So it does

          38、A fish needs water and without water it will die.

          A.So does a man B.So will a man

          C.So it is with a man D.So is it with a man

          39、They arrived at the farmhouse, in front of which .

          A.sat a small boy B.a small boy sat

          C.is sitting a small boy D.a small boy sitting

          40、Society has changed and in it .

          A.so have the people B.so the people have

          C.the people have so D.have the people so


          1、B 2、C 3、A 4、A 5、B 6、C 7、C 8、B 9、D 10、B

          11、B 12、D13、A 14、A 15、C 16、A 17、C 18、B19、B 20、C

          21、C 22、C 23、B 24、A25、A 26、A 27、D 28、B 29、C 30、A

          31、B 32、B 33、B 34、D 35、D 36、A37、A 38、C 39、A 40、A