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      1. 2019國際貨運代理考試《專業英語》習題6

        國際貨運代理考試網 鯉魚小編 更新時間:2019-07-02


        1. The operator of multimodal transport will issue_____ during the whole carriage. (D)

        A. master bill of lading

        B. house bill of lading

        C. direct bill of lading

        D. through bill of lading

        2. Mini-bridge involves the movement of container under____ issued by a carrier. (D)

        A. master bill of lading

        B. house bill of lading

        C. direct bill of lading

        D. through bill of lading

        3. Piggyback is a system of unitized multimodal land transport by ____. (B)

        A. road and sea

        B. road and rail

        C. road and air

        D. road and road

        4. _____is an innovation in the intermodal transport system involving the use of rail and ocean transport. (C)

        A. sea/air

        B. mini-bridge

        C. sea train

        D. piggyback

        5. Multimodal transport B/L is applicable to transport by_____. (D)

        A. two or more shipping companies

        B. two or more railway companies

        C. two or more airline companies

        D. two or more transport means including by sea

        6. For a supply chain to realize the maximum strategic benefit of logistics, the full range of functional work must be_____. (C)

        A. managed

        B. transported

        C. integrated

        D. supplied

        7. Logistics should be managed as an integrated effort to achieve customer satisfaction at____. (D)

        A. the highest profit

        B. the lowest profit

        C. the highest total cost

        D. the lowest total cost


        1 A buyer and a seller who conduct their purchase and sale under one of the Incoterms will have a mutual understanding of their ( )

        A. obligations

        B. freight

        C. rights

        D. costs

        答案: ABD

        2 ( )are the 3 traditional trade terms frequently used by traders in China ( )

        A. CFR

        B. CIF

        C. CPT

        D. FOB

        答案: ABD

        3 Under CIF , the seller should pay ( )

        A. Freight

        B. Insurance

        C. Customs duty

        D. Cost


        4 Which of the following trade terms can be used for international multi-modal transport?

        A. FOB

        B. CIF

        C. CIP

        D. CPT

        答案: CD

        5 Which of the following trade terms need the seller pay the freight?

        A. FOB

        B. CFR

        C. CIF

        D. CPT

        答案: BCD