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      1. 2019雅思考試大作文題目素材2

        雅思考試網 鯉魚小編 更新時間:2019-08-01


        In some countries, young people are not only richer but also safer and healthier than ever before. However, they are less happy. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest? 在一些國家,年輕人更加富有,安全,健康,但是,他們還是不快樂,原因何在,如何解決?


        1. 做自己喜歡的事情

        2. 學習的樂趣

        3. 朋友帶來的樂趣

        4. 生活的簡單輕松

        5. 夢想的實現



        1. 有些青少年來自單親家庭,或者是暴力家庭,缺乏溫暖和關愛,很難快樂。

        2. 應試教育和填鴨教學使很多成長中的年輕人不堪重負,更談不上發展自己的興趣愛好,放松休閑,因此,很多年輕人不快樂。


        1. 幸福感其實和自我的期待值有關,欲望好像是鹽水,越喝越渴。有時候,年輕人想要提升自我,但是,又缺乏力量,想要后退,又不甘心,欲求不得的焦慮正是不快樂的根源之一。

        2. 羅素在論及快樂的時候提及朋友和愛好可以是快樂的重要源泉,因此,個人愛好很少以及交際圈很小的人,很難獲得更多快樂。






        1. numerous youngsters = a great many teenagers = a number of young people n很多年輕人

        2. youngsters = teenagers = adolescents = the young = young adults = those who are in the formative years n年輕人

        3. acquire = attain = obtain v獲得……

        4. well-being = pleasure = happiness n幸福

        5. feel cheerful = feel delighted = feel happy v 感到快樂

        拓展:remain cheerful in times of adversity v逆境中保持樂觀

        拓展:see the sunny side v看到積極的一面

        6. feel gloomy = feel depressed = feel morose v 感到很郁悶

        7. as for sb = on the part of sb = on the side of sb v對于……來說

        8. such is human nature to do sth 去做 …… 是人之常情

        9. enlarge ones circle of friends v擴大交友圈

        10. meet and make bunches of new friends v結識新朋友

        11. exam-oriented education n 應試教育

        12. exercise-stuffed teaching method n 填鴨教學方法

        13. efforts should be made by educators to do sth 教育者應該做出努力去……

        14. it is imperative for sb to do sth 去做 …… 對于某人來說是勢在必行

        15. adjust ones mentality to do sth v調整心態

        16. have a good state of mind v擁有良好心態

        17. get a clear perspective of oneself v對于自己有清晰的認知

        18. foster a variety of new hobbies v培養新的愛好

        19. declined sense of happiness n下降的幸福感

        20. improve ones happiness index v提高幸福指數

        21. help students reduce the academic burden 幫助學生緩解學習壓力

        22. confronted with the exam-oriented education, the young live under a pool of pressure in many countries 面對著應試教育,很多年輕人承載著巨大的壓力

        23. The measures to reduce both educational and social pressure should be given to the young. 我們應該采取措施,幫助年輕人緩解來自教育和社會的壓力

        24. add color to ones dull routine of everyday life 給單調的生活增添樂趣

        25. It is up to us to find the ways and means to achieve that happiness each of us seek and desire 我們要自己尋找實現我們追求和渴望的幸福的方式。