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      1. 2019雅思考試大作文題目素材5

        雅思考試網 鯉魚小編 更新時間:2019-08-01


        Scientists believe that eating fast food is harmful to ones health. Some people think that education can help them change that bad habit. Others, however, argue that education does not work. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. 科學家認為吃快餐有害健康,有人認為教育可以幫助人們改變這個不良習慣,有人認為教育不起作用, 討論兩種觀點。







        【首段】背景介紹+ 作家立場

        So prevailing are the fast foods that some teenagers are in the habit eating junk foods nearly every week. From the perspective of some nutritionists, too much intake of sugar, calorie and fat is undoubtedly health-threatening, for fast food, in most cases, is low in nutritional value. People differ greatly in their views as to how to foster wholesome dietary habit. As I see it, educating the public about the dangers of unhealthy eating, regulating baneful sales and food advertisements to children and lowering the price of healthy foods should be used together to help people keep fit.


        Granted, one effective way to promote a healthy diet is to educate people about the potential risks of unhealthy diet. Modern people might opt for healthier meals and snacks if they are taught that fast foods are high in salt, fat and sugar. To illustrate, I myself changed my unwholesome eating habits after watching television programs on how to preserve health. Also, while it is of great significance to educate adult eater, schoolchildren should be main target for education because they are not only in their formative years but also the regular eaters of fast foods.


        In addition to education, other ways to promote healthy eating are not far to seek. First, methods should be adopted to strictly censor those junk food advertisement aiming at children. Meanwhile, bundle sale of childrenmeals by giving out gift toys ought to be banned. Virtually, American has already enacted relevant legislations to restrict such sale promotion of KFC and Mcdonald's. Also, it is imperative for the governments to ensure that healthy foods are cheaper so that people could afford to buy the wholesome foods. Imaginablythe decreased price of fresh fruits and vegetable could enable more people to enjoy healthier foods.


        Overall, education could aid people to change bad eating habits. However, it also works to restrain the improper publicity and sale of fast food restaurant as well as lower the price of wholesome foods


        1. So prevailing are the fast foods that some children and youngsters are in the habit of eating fast foods nearly every week. 快餐是如此流行,以至于很多孩子或青少年現在有每周幾乎吃快餐的習慣。

        【拓展】prevailing = prevalent = popular adj 流行的

        2. wholesome = healthy = sound adj健康的

        3. junk foods n垃圾食品

        4. alter ones dietary habit = change ones eating habit v 改變一個人的飲食習慣

        5. be detrimental to health = undermine ones health v有害健康

        6. is a health-threatening practice v有害健康的做法

        7. be conducive to ones health = conduce to ones health = is beneficial to ones health v有益健康

        8. keep fit = stay healthy v保持健康

        9. is low in nutritional value v營養價值很低

        10. contribute to obesity = give rise to= overweight = lead to fatness v導致肥胖

        11. bundle sale n捆綁銷售

        12. avoid too much intake of sugar, calorie and fat v避免太多的糖分、脂肪、熱量的攝入

        13. Healthy food should be made cheaper. 健康食品應價格低廉

        14. The advertising of junk foods aiming at children should be reasonably regulated 針對兒童的垃圾食品廣告應該被合理規范

        15. inspire encourage people to eat natural foods v鼓勵人們吃天然食品

        16. foster reasonable and regular dietary habit v培養健康規律的飲食習慣

        【拓展】foster = cultivate = develop v 培養

        17. make people have a deeper insight into how to acquire balanced nutrition v 加深人們對于獲得均衡營養的洞察

        18. It is imperative for the government to call on wholesome dietary habit. 號召健康飲食,對于政府而言勢在必行。

        19. Personal importance should be attached to the sanitation of eating and drinking 個人應該重視飲食衛生。

        20. On no account can we ignore the immense value of health management, no matter how busy we are. 無論我們多忙,我們不能忽視健康管理的巨大價值。


        People should look after their health as a duty to the society they live in rather than personal benefits. Do you agree or not agree? 保持健康是盡到了社會責任,不是對于個人有益,是否認同?