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      1. 2019年托福考試備考閱讀理解匯總6

        托福考試網 鯉魚小編 更新時間:2019-07-23


        The phrase "this respect" in the passage refers to

        A. enormous variations

        B. being smaller

        C. number of inhabitants

        D. shared characteristics


        難點一,很多考生誤以為這是詞匯題,而詞匯題的通常問法是:The word/phrase "" is closest in meaning to。這道題題干中的“refers to”表明這是代詞指代題,需要讀懂句子找清前后指代關系;


        難點三,回到原文讀考句,讀不懂。該句為: One may call them towns because even though they varied enormously in numbers of inhabitants, and some were smaller than large villages in this respect, they shared certain characteristics that set them off from rural settlements. 表明從居民數量的方面來看,一些城鎮比大村莊的居民數量還少,但它們仍然是城鎮,共享著區別于村莊的某些特征。所以此題正確答案是C


        Because what distinguished towns from villages was not so much size as the density of economic and social activities, one writer has argued that an important criterion for town is the existence of traffic jamsthe hustle and bustle of oxcarts, long lines of wagons bringing fruits and vegetables, raw materials, and finished goods to markets, and the parade of men and women coming to shop, visit, or attend meetings.


        這是句子簡化題所在考句,最大考點在于not so much Aas B”句式真正意義的考查。在這里,否定A,而肯定B。即城鎮區別于村莊的特征并不是其規模大小,而是其經濟活動和社會活動的密集度。同樣的句式表達還有less A than B。反過來,more A than B,就是肯定A而否定B了。這一考點在同一篇文章中又再次考到,看下題。


        考句:In southern Europe there was more continuity from earlier settlement patterns. Growth came less from the creation of new towns than from the flow of immigrants to old settlements.

        It can be inferred from paragraph 4 that urban growth in southern Europe was marked by

        A. more people in a greater number of towns

        B. more people in the same number of towns

        C. development of new settlement patterns

        D. movement of people into newly created towns


        第一句話In southern Europe there was more continuity from earlier settlement patterns.”屬于抽象語言,對抽象語言的理解,一靠大量閱讀的積淀,二靠向下文尋找具體對應。此句中的抽象概念“more continuity from earlier settlement patterns”,具體對應到下句的“the flow of immigrants to old settlements”。因為“less A than B”中,A是否定內容,B才是作者重點敘述的肯定內容。